Discovery is the fundamental driving force behind human progress and inspiration. It has the power to change people’s lives and gives us hope for a better future. It is not only the spark that ignites human progress and inspiration—it is the engine that drives us forward. It is the process that transforms the unknown into the known, turning curiosity into knowledge and challenges into opportunities.

Since the very beginning of humankind, we have contemplated new ideas, searched for new horizons, and wondered curiously, and sometimes fearfully, what is to come next.

Over thousands of years, extraordinary human ventures have pushed the boundaries of what is known, and have been the foundations on which civilizations have been built. Conquests, discoveries, and inventions have opened up new possibilities and opportunities. They have enriched our understanding of different cultures and environments, and revolutionized science and technology. And they have enabled us to exist on this planet, and make life worth living.

Through the power of discovery we have seen advances in health and education, and an understanding and preservation of the environment in which we live. And yet still, every day, discovery remains a constant and necessary process of evolution on which the survival of our world depends.

Discovery also encourages us to look within, to develop character, temperament and a moral compass to truly appreciate the world around us. This is a journey that may involve overcoming challenges, facing fears, and embracing the unknown. But through self-discovery we can become empowered and fulfilled, learn who we truly are, and what we aspire to become.

At Brilliant Minds we embrace the spirit of curiosity and adventure that drives us forward and are committed to fostering a culture of discovery. We champion the scientists, explorers, artists, thinkers, and innovators who dare to ask the big questions, who have the courage to seek out their answers, and have risen to accept the challenges to solve the problems facing us today, paving the way for a future filled with endless possibilities.

Together let us celebrate the thrill of discovery, for it is in those moments of revelation that we truly come alive and inch closer to understanding the vast and enigmatic universe in which we reside.

Speakers 2024

Speaker Asma Khan – Restaurateur and cookbook author

Speaker Debora Spar – Jaime and Josefina Chua Tiampo Professor of Business Administration, Senior Associate Dean, Business and Global Society

Speaker Ellie Goulding – Award-winning artist, activist and philanthropist

Speaker Jay Shetty – Bestselling author, award-winning podcast host of On Purpose, Chief Purpose Officer of Calm, and purpose-driven entrepreneur

Speaker Kevin Durant – NBA star, Boardroom co-founder and Durant Family Foundation founder

Speaker Lindsey Vonn – Olympic Gold Medalist, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

Speaker Mattias Klum – Photographer

Speaker Max Martin – Songwriter and Producer

Speaker Micael Dahlén – Chair of the Stockholm School of Economics Center for Wellbeing, Welfare and Happiness

Speaker Rashid Johnson – Contemporary artist

Speaker Rich Kleiman – Co-founder and CEO of Boardroom, Executive Director of the Durant Family Foundation

Speaker Steven Bartlett – Entrepreneur, speaker, investor, Sunday Times Bestselling author and the host of UK’s No.1 podcast ‘The Diary of a CEO’

Speaker The Gstaad Guy – Satirist and social media comedian

Artists 2024

Artist CK – Artist

Artist GERD – Artist

Artist Isak Benjamin – Artist

Artist Masaka – Artist

Artist Yaeger – Artist