Petter Aasa

Petter Aasa is a Swedish, award-winning HealthTech entrepreneur and the Founder & CEO of Vitala, where he is leveraging AI and cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize healthcare. His pioneering platform enables healthcare providers to prescribe, monitor, and manage exercise prescriptions for patients with chronic conditions, thereby enhancing health outcomes and reducing healthcare costs. A distinguished keynote speaker, Aasa has delivered a compelling TEDx Talk on “Rethinking Healthcare,” emphasizing the role of prevention and lifestyle interventions in shaping a global healthcare system that extends beyond prescriptions and pills. With a mission to redefine treatment approaches, Aasa envisions a holistic and personalized healthcare landscape, making significant strides in transforming traditional norms through the power of innovation.

Vitala is a Swedish HealthTech company building the future of proactive healthcare that extends beyond traditional treatments, prescriptions and pills. Vitala’s integrated platform allows healthcare providers to seamlessly prescribe, monitor, and manage lifestyle interventions such as Exercise as Medicine to patients with chronic health conditions. Vitala is integrated with 100+ healthcare providers in Europe and the US, collaborating with world-leading institutes such as New York Presbyterian and Texas Medical Center (TMCi) to improve health outcomes while reducing the cost of care.