Beatrice Eriksson

Award-winning singer, songwriter and producer Beatrice Eli, born and raised in Stockholm/Sweden, took the lgbtqi+ community by storm with her song “Girls” in 2014. The single was followed by the critically acclaimed debut album “Die Another Day” which earned a number one spot on iTunes Sweden, and several prestigious Swedish music awards. Eli has since then grown strongly and developed her artistry creating what she calls “soulful, queer synthpop music”. With a dear connection to her fans, Eli has already been called an “icon of her time”.

“With everything I do I try to showcase and celebrate the power of compassion and the strength that comes through vulnerability. I try my best to create space through my songs and my live shows for people to feel safe, to let their guard down and to unite. She continues “We’re just emotions and thoughts covered in flesh, we need emotional support, we need human connection, we need relief. I try to provide that for my listeners”.

Eli has spoken up about the unjust climate of the music industry. “For me it’s been a long struggle, reclaiming my music, my money, my dreams. Just look at the stats, my industry is still very male dominated, and of course, I suffered from that. Like any other industry it needs diversity, like any other industry diversity would benefit all of us.”

She recently released the live album “Showgirl (Live at Dramaten)”, recorded at The Royal Dramatic Theatre of Stockholm. Eli and her team worked for months creating “Showgirl”, a concert celebrating the divas who put on a show every night, no matter the pain, no matter the struggle. Currently, Eli is working on a studio album set for release in 2020.