Jacob Mühlrad

Jacob Mühlrad is a celebrated Swedish composer renowned for his inventive and emotionally resonant compositions. Mühlrad’s work seamlessly blends avant-garde musical exploration, incorporating elements like microtonality and liturgical scales. His music, which covers themes such as mortality, holiness, and the essence of human nature, has been performed by prestigious ensembles including the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, Radio France, and the Vancouver Chamber Choir.

Mühlrad’s choral music authentically captures a mystical essence, with notable works like “Anim Zemirot” and “Kaddish,” the latter reflecting his grandfather’s experiences in concentration camps. In 2021, Deutsche Grammophon released the critically acclaimed album “TIME,” featuring the Swedish Radio Choir, which received a 5-star review from BBC Music Magazine.

Expanding his repertoire, Mühlrad premiered his first large-scale orchestral work, “REMS (Rapid Eye Movement Sleep),” in 2021, marking the start of a collaboration with the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic. Warner Classics released the album “REMS” in 2023, coinciding with a multimedia concert. Mühlrad’s cross-genre collaborations include working with Swedish rapper Silvana Imam and Swedish House Mafia, as well as contributions to film and theater.

Mühlrad studied at the Gotland School of Composition, the Royal College of Music in London, and the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. His music has been published by Gehrmans Musikförlag, Universal Music Publishing, and Bosworth Music since 2023.