Halle Berry

Halle Berry is an acclaimed actress, director, producer, advocate and founder known for her groundbreaking achievements in the entertainment industry and her dedication to women’s health advocacy. Berry’s illustrious acting career includes her historic win as the first African American woman to receive the Academy Award for Best Actor for her role in “Monster’s Ball” in 2002. She has also starred in numerous successful films such as “X-Men,” “Die Another Day,” and “Gothika.” Berry continues to break down barriers acting in a multitude of critically acclaimed, diverse roles and most recently added the title of “director” to her already impressive filmography with the release of Netflix’s BRUISED, which she also produced and starred in. 

In recent years, Halle has focused significantly on health and wellness, particularly women’s health issues. Halle’s latest venture, rē•spin, is a female longevity brand which sits at the intersection of science, technology, and community in building solutions that not only support women through menopause but also enhance their quality of life, paving the way for a future where midlife health is not just managed but celebrated.

She has been actively involved in advocating for better menopause care, recently joining forces with U.S. senators to support legislation aimed at increasing funding and research for menopause. This legislation, known as the Advancing Menopause Care and Mid-Life Women’s Health Act, seeks to allocate $275 million towards improving menopause-related healthcare, education, and public awareness. Halle has been vocal about her own experiences with menopause, aiming to destigmatize the condition and promote better understanding and treatment options for women.

Through her work, both in entertainment and advocacy, Halle continues to make significant contributions to society, championing causes that impact women’s lives profoundly.