Pranav Yadav

Pranav Yadav is a global thought leader and innovator committed to improving our understanding of the subconscious and its role in driving the human condition. Pranav helps governments, non-for-profits and businesses decode the drivers of motivation, create behaviour change, connect with consumers, inform strategy, build brands, and develop new products. He is also an active investor and serves on advisory boards of several organizations incubating cutting-edge technologies. He is the founder and CEO of Neuro-Insight US, a pioneer and leader in the field of neuromarketing, and has prior experience working at Red Associates, and Goldman Sachs. He is a Forbes 30 Under 30, an Under 30 All Star Alum, Ad Age 40 Under 40, an AMA 4 under 40, Ad People of the Year awardee, a Great Mind Award winner and has a passion for philosophy and Urdu-Punjabi poetry.