Lech Ignatowicz, PhD

Molecular Attraction – new method of mosquito population control which is controlling mosquito behavior with smell molecules- feeding and sex pheromones.

Lech Ignatowicz, PhD: CEO

Founder, investor and father – in chronological order.

Lech is a scientist turned entrepreneur with over 15 years in infectious disease prevention, global health and biotech.

Lech is focusing his efforts on early stage ventures where he’s aiming to bring cutting edge academic discoveries to the “real world”. Co-founded Biopromic – a point of care diagnostics for TB and Malaria, Moligo Technologies – single stranded DNA manufacturer and in 2017 together with Noushin Emami and Johan Paleovrachas he co-founded Molecular Attraction to develop, implement and scale new mosquito-specific population control methods discovered by Noushin during her academic career.