Tomer Shalit

ClimateView enables pioneering cities, nations and companies to accelerate their transition towards a carbon neutral future. Many of these entities already have a plan for reduction of their carbon footprint – a climate roadmap. ClimateView gives that roadmap a home: a common language for all to speak and a given structure for collaboration. And, it puts that roadmap on stage for the world to see, connecting it to all other roadmaps. No longer an isolated beacon, each roadmap becomes a visible node in a global network of cities, nations and companies striving towards one same goal.

In June 2019, Sweden will be the first nation to go live on ClimateView. It will constitute the world’s most comprehensive view of a country’s climate transition. As more cities and nations worldwide join the platform over the coming times, a new era in climate governance is set to emerge. In fact, the ambition is for ClimateView to one day cease to exist – because carbon neutrality is within humanity’s reach.