Mats Brännström MD, PhD

Mats Brännström is a world-renowned gynaecologist known for his work on uterus transplantation. Motivated by an idea brought to him by a patient, he spent a decade researching the possibility of a live birth after a uterus transplantation.  In 2014, Brännström led the surgical team to success and presented the first live birth after uterus transplantation. This was followed by 7 more live births after uterus transplantation in Sweden, which was soon repeated by others from around the globe, including the USA, China and India. The Swedish uterus transplantation project is acknowledged today as an example of how to bring innovative surgery into the clinical arena by systematic research, that will guarantee a safe and effective treatment in humans. This success has given the hope of having biological children to millions of previously infertile women.

Mats Brännström is the Chairman Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology at University of Gothenburg and a visiting professor at Harvard Medical School and Mayo Clinic, USA and has previously conducted research and clinical training at University of Adelaide, Australia. Brännström is also the founder of Stockholm IVF, a large provider of assisted reproduction in the Stockholm area.