Carl Lindberg

Sigmastocks, the Fintech Company of the year in Sweden in 2018, challenges the fund giants by offering an investment tool that helps people to invest in stocks. Today, Sigmastocks has over 3000 customers whom together manage over half a billion SEK. During 2018, Sigmastocks’ monthly recurring revenue increased by more than 400%.
The service is developed through a new AI based approach to factor investing, which enables customers to receive a low cost and versatile actively managed portfolio. The technique is unique due to its exceptional numerical stability and computational speed.

Sigmastocks was founded in 2014 by Mai Thai, Nanna Stranne and Carl Lindberg, and has been widely recognized in the media. Both Nanna and Mai were awarded Finance Profiles of the year and the Super Talents of the year in 2018. Carl has a mathematical background as a Professor in Mathematics with a focus on finance and AI.