Darnell Strom

Darnell Strom is an Agent at leading entertainment and sports agency Creative Artists Agency (CAA).  Strom works in the Los Angeles office and he develops relationships with prospective clients for CAA and helps build their strategy for developing a vibrant platform across speaking, books, television, motion picture, technology, and digital. Strom also works closely with brands and other buyers to connect them with talent for personal appearances and marketing campaigns. Prior to this, Strom served as a strategic advisor to actors, writers, directors, music artists, athletes, executives, and corporations on their philanthropic and pro-social initiatives.

In 2005, Strom was named Deputy Director of Scheduling to President Bill Clinton, working in the former President’s Harlem offices.  He served in this role until 2006, when he was asked to create a program that reflected President Clinton’s vision of engaging the next generation of leaders, philanthropists, and social entrepreneurs in the work of the William J. Clinton Foundation.  Strom formally launched this program in 2007 as the Clinton Foundation Millennium Network. The Millennium Network has been recognized by President Clinton as an essential fundraising component to the future of the Clinton Foundation.

Strom began his career in politics, non-profit work, and social entrepreneurship. He served as Director of the Chair’s office at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, where he focused on political outreach to core Democratic constituency groups. At the conclusion of the Democratic Convention, Strom was named the Florida Director of Operations for John Kerry’s Presidential campaign, making him one of the youngest senior staff members of the campaign in a battleground state.

He joined CAA in 2010.

Strom graduated with honors from Florida A&M University with a B.S. in Political Science. Strom has been a presenter at a number of conferences, including: The Aspen Ideas Festival, Clinton Global Initiative, Sundance Film Festival, and the UN’s Nexus Global Youth Summit. Strom has served on President Obama’s White House Entertainment Council, as well as GQ’s Gentlemen’s Fund Advisory Committee. He hails from San Jose, California and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.