Siduri Poli

Siduri Poli is an award-winning entrepreneur, investor, and author who work to create a more diverse and innovative future. She is investing in early-stage startups thru her own investment company Mother Ventures (Northe, Melon, AVA Stories, Petli, Freshsound, etc) and in late-stage companies thru Society Uncapped, an angel network she launched earlier this year (X Shore, Estrid etc). She is also a board member of the swedish state’s investment company Saminvest AB managing six billion sek.

Siduri is a co-founder of Changers Hub, a coworking space and Academy with over 1800 entrepreneurs and three locations in Sweden. The aim is to democratize success and enable the young to succeed with their ideas. Been awarded to Future’s Most Powerful by TCO, Digital Inspirer of The Year by IDG and CIO Sweden, Super Talent of the Year by Veckans Affärer, Future Promise of The Year by Marknadsföreningen, Super Communicator of The Year by Resumé and Mom of the Year by Mama Magazine.