Binette Seck

Binette Seck, a social entrepreneur in tech and Sweden’s first female Obama Leader, is dedicated to democratizing tech worldwide. As the co-founder of ChangersTech and partner at iCog Anyone Can Code, she empowers tens of thousands of young adults from under-resourced communities, granting them access to transformative tech education and opportunities. Binetteā€™s journey as a black woman from humble beginnings in Tensta, Stockholm and Dakar has inspired her to become an influential leader in the Swedish tech scene. Her visionary concepts, like the esteemed Space Academy at Space Stockholm, and impactful community-building initiatives with the renowned Brilliant Minds Foundation, reflect her unwavering dedication. *Multi-Award winning leader, recognized* as the IT Woman of the Year 2021. Binette advocates for sustainable inclusivity, authentic leadership, and lasting impact. She humbly *strives to build ecosystems* making a difference in the lives of future generations.