A future gazer is a future shaper, driven by determination, imagination, and the willingness to dream of a better tomorrow.

As we stand on the edge of a new age of opportunity and transformation, we must all strive to understand the challenging times that lie ahead – times that will test our adaptability, ingenuity, and our capacity to embrace the unknown. Times where visionaries, revolutionaries, entrepreneurs, disruptors, and peace makers must rise to that challenge to shape the future for all mankind.

These future gazers are already amongst us. Leaders in industry and education, science and sustainability, driving progress and restoring and transforming the world so a brighter future can emerge.

You may be one of them. One of those visionaries with the curiosity, energy, and wisdom to recognise the challenges of modern life, and meet them with humility and compassion.

Every day science brings new developments in healthcare, energy and communications, with new advances in AI promising a golden age where technology has the potential to transform the way we live and the very survival of the human race.

As builders and problem solvers of the future, we will be held accountable for our actions. We must look beyond self-interest, recognise our mutual interdependence, and become more invested in how we can all create a better world.

Brilliant Minds 2023 invited future gazers – daring pioneers, inspiring activists and brilliant innovators – to join forces at our events and gatherings and invest in what we all care most deeply about.

Together we can face what is to come, and continue our pledge to champion ideas that drive long-term impact. Together we can build a future with hope and optimism.

Photo credit: Jean Lapin and Oskar Bakke

Speakers 2023

Speaker Adam Grant – Organizational psychologist at Wharton and bestselling author

Speaker Adriana Cisneros – CEO of Cisneros

Speaker Alex Cooper – Creator and host of Call Her Daddy

Speaker Ann Lee – Co-founder and CEO of CORE

Moderator Annastasia Seebohm Giacomini – CEO of Brilliant Minds

Speaker Annika Sten Pärson – Co-founder and Partner at The Inner Foundation

Moderator Anu Duggal – Founding partner of Female Founders Fund

Moderator Ash Pournouri – Co-founder of Brilliant Minds

Speaker Aurora James – Founder, Brother Vellies and the Fifteen Percent Pledge

Speaker Aza Raskin – Co-founder of Earth Species Project

Speaker Carolina Dybeck Happe – Senior Vice President and CFO of GE

Speaker Christer Fuglesang – ESA Astronaut

Speaker Daniel Humm – Chef and Owner of Make It Nice

Speaker Daouda Leonard – Founder & CEO, CreateSafe, Inc

Moderator Darnell Strom – Partner & Head of the Culture and Commerce Division at UTA

Speaker Darren Aronofsky – Academy Award®-nominated filmmaker

Speaker David Liu – Professor and Investigator

Speaker Draymond Green – NBA All-Star and Champion

Moderator Dustee Jenkins – Chief Public Affairs Officer for Spotify

Moderator Edward Norton – Actor, Entrepreneur and Activist

Speaker Erik Martinson – CEO and co-founder of Svea Solar

Speaker Frank Doyle – Dean of engineering at Harvard Univesity

Moderator Gayle King – Co-host of CBS MORNINGS

Speaker George Duffield – Co-founder Blue Marine Foundation

Speaker Giovanni Fili – Founder & CEO of Exeger

Speaker Grimes – Acclaimed producer, songwriter, singer, engineer, independent, and visual artist

Moderator Gustav Söderström – Co-President, Chief Product & Technology Officer at Spotify

Speaker Hans Vestberg – Chairman and CEO of Verizon

Moderator Harald Mix – Founder and CEO of Altor Equity Partners

Speaker 2023 HE Omar Sultan Al Olama – UAE Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence

Speaker Henrik Henriksson – CEO of H2 Green Steel

Moderator Jacob Wallenberg – Chariman of Investor AB

Speaker Jessica Alba – Founder & Chief Creative Officer, The Honest Company

Speaker Jessie Inchauspé – Biochemist, NYT bestselling author and founder of Glucose Goddess

Speaker Johan Renck – Director / Producer

Moderator Joanna Coles – Creative executive, producer, and best-selling author

Moderator Juliet de Baubigny – General Partner at Bond

Speaker Katarina LeBlanc – Professor of Clinical Stem Cell Research at Karolinska Institutet

Moderator Kathryn Murdoch – Co-Founder and President of the Quadrivium Foundation

Speaker Laura Dern – Academy Award®-Winning Actor and Environmental Activist

Moderator Lionel Barber – Author, broadcaster and editor of the Financial Times (2005-2020)

Speaker Malala Yousafzai – Activist

Speaker Martin Lewerth – CEO of Aira

Speaker Maverick Carter – Founder & CEO of The SpringHill Company

Speaker Mattias Bernow – CEO of Cellcolabs

Speaker Micael Bydén – Supreme Commander of the Swedish Armed Forces

Speaker RJ Scaringe – Founder and CEO, Rivian

Speaker Rupi Kaur – #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, Poet and Performer.

Moderator Sam Barry – Editor-in-Chief at Glamour Magazine

Speaker Samantha Cristoforetti – ESA Astronaut

Speaker Sammy Basso – Molecular Biologist

Speaker Sean Penn – Co-founder of CORE

Speaker Trevor Noah – Comedian, best-selling author, producer and philanthropist.

Artists 2023

Artist Alexander Stewart – Artist

Artist Boko Yout – Artist

Artist Jackie Mere –

Artist joel – Artist

Artist Lennixx – Artist

Artist Virgin Miri – Artist