Haley Bridge

2020 was an unlikely pivoting year for Haley Bridge, spending most of his time in the studio creating his first Body of work “Renuka intro”. From a borrowed studio in a music school, Haley, together with Victor Garcia “Jhon Allan”, Sixten Bruhn “610”, Malcolm Torsson “James Marten”, Noah Thompson “Noahfound” & Nirob Islam created something truly unique and decided to start their own record label “fourclovrs” to release the EP.

Haley has no formal musical background which is a deciding factor to the overall sound of the EP. The tracklist takes you through a landscape of sounds, starting with the voice of his mother “Renuka” and a dreamy self reflective monologue. With the EP and The last track “Sasha Intro” as the single, Haley Bridge and Fourclovrs are boldly paving a new road for young Independent artists and creators.

The EP takes you through an unique journey where the artist transforms into the character Haley Bridge, the manifestation of the artist’s deepest thoughts, history and dreams. Haley has always been present, but never had a voice up until now. He’s always described it as during the night when he’s fast asleep is when Haley Bridge is awake. The dreams he’s had since a child are slowly coming into reality as “Renuka Intro” is being released.

With his incredible musical skills and production quality, there’s no doubt that he’s the musician you’ve been looking for all along.