There are only a few people who, as 26 years old, have experienced the milestones that Paul Rey has experienced. Before signing with Warner Music two years ago, he had already had time to tour in United States, release a platinum selling single with Snoop Dogg & Arman Cekin and, at a meeting, impress so strongly on legendary Quincy Jones that he now acts as Paul’s musical mentor. For the past two years, he has released numerous pop songs, including the singles “Tear Me Down” and “Fool For You” and performed on some of Sweden’s biggest TV shows.

Paul Rey with the big voice released his EP Note To Self in June 2018 which he wrote, recorded, produced and mixed completely on his own. In a short time, it has been streamed just under 20 million times on Spotify, something that was recently noticed by one of Sweden’s biggest newspaper, saying he’s the second biggest artist in southern Sweden.

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