Marta Sjögren

Marta Sjögren is Co-founder and Co-CEO of Paebbl, the re-stored carbon company. Paebbl was founded on the premise that the captured CO2 can and should be put to good use. Paebbl’s vision is to repurpose captured CO2 into widely used raw materials.  
Marta is also an investor in planet-aligned businesses, and is part of the Board of Stewards of, the leading planet-aligned investment firm. Furthermore, Marta is an avid champion of greater diversity in venture capital, serving as a Venture Partner in Climate to Ada Ventures. Prior to co-founding Paebbl, Marta was an early stage investor, with over a decade in venture capital, most recently at Northzone as a Partner, and previously DN Capital where she started her career.

Paebbl turns CO2 into useful raw materials in an energy-efficient and fully transparent way. Paebbl’s mineralisation process is nature-inspired, and technology enabled. The Company was founded in 2021 by serial founders Andreas Saari and Jane Walerud, applied researcher and mineralization veteran Pol Knops, and former venture capitalist Marta Sjögren, with a mission to bring to market a truly scalable carbon removal technology that within the coming decade. The Company turns CO2 into a future-proof industrial raw material that turns the built environment into a permanent carbon store. Paebbl is among the fastest growing mineralisation technologies globally, having scaled 100x in its first 18 months of existence, and currently on track to build the fastest demo scale-up in the industry. The demo plant is based in Rotterdam and expected to be launched in early 2025. Paebbl is a Swedish-headquartered pan-European company, privately financed by planet-aligned investors such as Pale Blue Dot,, and the Grantham Foundation.