Arelys Sosa

Arelys Sosa is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of DREV, a company dedicated to pioneering contamination control technology for the battery industry and its value chain. With a distinguished career as an accomplished Industrial Engineer, she has managed multi-million-dollar projects on a global scale. Her professional journey spans diverse locations, including Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Argentina, the United States, and her current base in Sweden, highlighting her adaptability in various cultural and business contexts. While in the United States, Arelys played a key role as a part of the founding team at Panasonic Energy of North America, located at Tesla’s Gigafactory 1. Submerged in the electric vehicle (EV) revolution and mass-scale battery production, she gained expertise in battery factory construction and operations, collaborating closely with industry pioneers like Tesla Motors and Panasonic. Her leadership reflects a commitment to industry innovation and growth, as she actively applies her expertise to drive progress in the field. 
Founded in 2023 and based in Gothenburg, DREV revolutionizes industrial cleanliness with cutting-edge cleaning equipment designed for the world’s most advanced manufacturing facilities. Bridging the gap between modern factory technology and outdated cleaning methods, DREV’s innovative solutions eliminate water and harsh chemicals, transforming waste into valuable resources. Specifically tailored for the battery industry, DREV’s technology enhances material recovery and promotes a closed-loop system, enabling the recycling of critical battery materials such as lithium, nickel, and cobalt. Led by an executive team of industry experts from Panasonic Energy and PowerCell, DREV is driven by a mission to make the next industrial revolution safer, more efficient, and sustainable. Our vision is to transform contamination control into a strategic advantage, empowering manufacturers to unlock value, reduce environmental impact, and support the entire battery value chain.