Eloa Guillotin

Eloa Guillotin, 27, has dedicated her life to making aviation electric. After graduating from the world’s best aerospace universities (UC Berkeley, Polytechnique, Supaero & HEC), she launched her third venture, Beyond Aero to build the first hydrogen-electric business aircraft. Starting with a 6-passenger private aircraft, at the crossroads where the need is strong with a CO2 emission of 2T/hour per jet, and the fastest certification timeline.

Beyond went through YCombinator, gathered 10 million euros, built an 85kW prototype, and was selected Top 20 FrenchTech Green. With an engineering team of over 30 people, Eloa has received multiple awards including the French Academy of Technologies and Forbes 30Under30 France. She regrouped the best talents in the world, from top-tier Airbus and Lilium’s Managers. She is a people-driven passionate entrepreneur, bold in her actions, and ready to fight to make the world a better place.