Amferia is a Swedish med-tech company with a vision to fight the global problem of antibiotic resistance through efficient preventive care. Today, the main focus of Amferia is to prevent the occurrence of infections in skin-wounds. With the rise of antibiotic resistant bacteria, even simple skin infections pose an alarming threat to human life on a global scale. Amferia intends to combat this problem through its preventive care wound-patch, an innovative antibacterial material that can specifically target and rapidly kill bacteria in wounds, including dangerous resistant bacteria.

Amferia is working towards scaling up its core technology as the next-generation wound patch for preventing a broad range of life-threatening skin-wound infections in humans. The invention stemmed out of research performed at Chalmers University of Technology and the founders are Dr. Anand Kumar Rajasekharan, Ms. Saba Atefyekta and Professor Martin Andersson.