Sammy Basso

Sammy Basso is an Italian 27-year-old man affected by Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome, the older in the world by now. He is the spokesperson of the Sammy Basso’s Italian Association for Progeria and the International Ambassador of the Progeria Research Foundation. Being a molecular biologist, he uses to live his own disease in two different and complementary ways: the patient one and the researcher one. In fact, he is involved on representing the patients with Progeria but also on studying this disease both molecularly and medically. He is well known in his country and around the world for his commitment on scientific disclosure on Progeria and rare disease in general. He is also asked to speak about life dignity in relation with the disease, enlightening the importance of working together as team. During the pandemic he was part of the regional and national task force for the scientific disclosure regarding Covid19.