Björn Frantzén

Chef Björn Frantzén has transitioned Frantzén Group from the drawing table to Guide Michelin in just a few years time.

Born in 1977, his passion for food began with a particularly delicious steak. To this day, Bjorn remember that one steak, served with french fries and béarnaise sauce as his first culinary memory which would inspire him to a career in the restaurant industry decades later. He eventually started his journey in gastronomy as an intern with Chef Christer Lingström at Edsbacka Krog.

Examples of awards:

Three stars in Guide Michelin (Frantzén)
Three stars in Guide Michelin (Zén)
Best Chef Award Top100 2019
Number 21 (2019) on ”World50Best”
Number 12 (2013) on ”World50Best”
”Restaurant Of The Year” in The White Guide
”Gulddraken”, ”Gästdraken” and ”Kockarnas Krog”
”Kockarnas Kock”

Björn is passionate about constantly developing his skills and to become one of the very best. This passion would take him to other top restaurants, such as Chez Nico’s at 90 Park Lane (Nico Ladenis, UK, three Michelin stars) and Restaurant L’Arpege (Alain Passard, Paris, three Michelin stars).

Aside from his passion for cooking, Björn has always been very engaged in charity. Every year Björn hosts a dinner event featuring a handfull of Europe’s most renowned chefs, all to benefit the The Swedish Child Diabetes Foundation.