Srishti Gupta, MD

Professional solution finder, mother of two, and wife, Dr Srishti Gupta strives to perfect super-tasking.  Srishti, a Harvard educated medical doctor and international development expert, has explored health from the microscopic to population levels.  Professionally, she has worked as a top-tier management consultant for more than 15 years, focusing on global health, non-profit organizations, and talent development.  Srishti also holds numerous unofficial titles ranging from CEO life coach to basketball team manager.  Srishti connects the dots of her experiences as a life-long student, lecturer, strategy consultant and parent in what her boys describe as her other job, catalyzing changes in education.  Some of her current projects including 21st century school design, supporting higher education for refugees, and increasing hands-on experience with STEAM for young students.  Srishti loves adventure vacations with her family, learning especially from podcasts, and her Peloton.