Erik Fernholm

29k is a non-profit organization driven by a simple idea: Personal growth has the power to change the world, and the tools for this should be available to everyone on the planet. We urgently have to move away from the ego-focused and short-term mindset, leaving us with lives lacking meaning, a mental illness epidemic and a broken planet. Instead move towards a new mindset based on compassion, courage, openness and wisdom. To drive this change at scale, two things needed to be solved; demonetize the best personal growth tools science has to offer, and make deep, meaningful human connection possible between strangers. Solving both of these, 29k has created the world’s first personal growth programs combining technology and psychology. Made available to everyone, anywhere, for free. 29k is co-created with researchers from Harvard University and the Karolinska Institute and initiated by the Norrsken and Ekskäret Foundation.