Charlotte Sundåker & Linda Waxin

Charlotte Sundåker and Linda Waxin are the founders of politically independent non-profit think tank Ownershift with the goal to notably increase the percentage of female ownership in a lifespan. Globally. Ownershift stands for powershift through ownership. The Ownershift mission is to give women more power over their life decisions, integrity, energy and creativity.

Charlottes day job; co-founder and CEO of planet-tech company Planethon that turns scientific insights into business opportunities. She is a board member at Swedish Film Institute. Sundåker is the former CEO of international digital education institution Hyper Island.

Linda’s day job; co-founder and CEO of talent-tech startup MatchingID building magic matching machines – digitalizing, streamlining and anonymizing talent sourcing. She previously founded online culture magazine Below Beneath. Waxin is the former CEO of Edelman Stockholm, Edelman being the largest PR-agency in the world.