Ebbe Altberg

Ebbe Altberg is the CEO of Linden Lab, makers of the game Second Life – today the world’s largest user-created virtual world – and the social VR platform Sansar. He has 30 years of experience leading global teams and scaling technologies used by hundreds of millions.

Ebbe got his start at Microsoft in 1988, where he spent nearly 12 years leading the teams behind popular productivity products like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Office. He then went on to serve as the Chief Product Officer for Ingenio, Inc., which he helped to transform into an innovative telephony and marketplace company that AT&T Interactive ultimately purchased.

Ebbe then joined Yahoo! in Europe as the VP Head of Audience, overseeing consumer-facing products and affairs. From there, he quickly stepped into the role of SVP Media Products, leading product and engineering teams totaling 800, and helping to drive the development of the Yahoo! homepage, along with Yahoo’s news, sports, finance, and entertainment products and platforms, before finally coming aboard at Linden.

A native of Uppsala, Sweden, Ebbe studied art and computer science at Middlebury College.