Change is not just an aspect of life,
but life itself. And it can sometimes seem as if we have never lived in more challenging times than these – raising new and urgent questions about the way we live, work and travel, how we eat, think, and behave with others.

For some, change means uncertainty, risk, and fear. But for Brilliant Minds, we believe that change presents an important challenge to move into the realms of a new and empowering age. We have the opportunity to increase our empathy and compassion and develop a greater understanding of ourselves and the world around us, and the changes that we personally can make to ensure a safer, healthier, and brighter future.

At Brilliant Minds, we have long seen the positivity and growth that embracing change can bring. Over the years, we have brought together innovative and creative leaders from around the world to share stories and experiences and leverage new ideas.

This year in Stockholm, we were excited to bring together a community of collaborators and creators once again – bold, brave, and indeed brilliant minds who focus on the new, excited to move forward and connect for a common good.

To change the world, we must first change ourselves – and develop the wisdom, compassion, and courage to meet the challenges we face head on. We encourage you to embrace your curiosity, to use your brilliant minds to make room for the unknown and unfamiliar and move forward with hope, optimism, and vigor. For the ones who are brave enough to let go, to roll with the punches and believe they can change the world, are surely the ones who will.

Photo credit: Jean Lapin and Adrian Pehrson

Speakers 2022

Speaker Afua Hirsch – Writer, Journalist & Broadcaster

Speaker Ai Weiwei – Artist

Speaker Alexis Ohanian – Founder of Seven Seven Six – Co-founder & former Executive Chairman of Reddit

Speaker Alicia Keys – Artist and Entrepreneur

Speaker Amanda Lagerkvist – Professor of Media and Communication Studies at the Department of Informatics and Media at Uppsala University.

Speaker Anders Forslund – Founder and CEO of Heart Aerospace

Speaker Anna Borg – President & CEO of Vattenfall AB

Speaker Anna Ståhl – Choreographer, dancer, director, singer & artist

Speaker Anu Duggal – Founding Partner of Female Founders Fund

Speaker Ashley Smith – Co-owner of Fame Lady Squad

Speaker Beata Wickbom – Founder of Socialight

Speaker Bela Bajaria – Head of Global TV at Netflix

Speaker Ben Gorham – Founder of Byredo

Speaker Bjarke Ingels – Architect and Founding Partner at Bjarke Ingels Group

Speaker Björn Frantzén – Chef & Founder of Frantzén Group

Speaker Bola Bardet – Founder and CEO of Susu

Speaker Danica Kragic – Professor of Computer Science at the Royal Institute of Technology.

Speaker Darnell Strom – Partner & Head of the Culture and Commerce Division at UTA

Speaker Dawn Ostroff – Cheif Content & Advertising Business Officer at Spotify

Speaker David Orlic – Co-founder & CEO of Anyone

Speaker David Patrikarakos – Writer and Author of War in 140 Characters

Speaker Deepak Chopra MD, FACP – Founder of The Chopra Foundation

Speaker Demi Rose – Model & Influencer

Speaker Edward Norton – Actor, Entrepreneur & Activist

Speaker Esther Perel – Author & Psychotherapist

Speaker Gabriel Negatu – Founding Managing Director Invest Afrique

Speaker Gary Vaynerchuk – Chairman of VaynerX, CEO and Creator of VeeFriends

Speaker Gayle King – Co-Host of CBS MORNINGS

Speaker Glenda Bailey – Founder of the Glenda Bailey Consultancy.

Speaker Gustaf Toresson Lundberg – Founder of Tangent Media

Speaker Helena Helmersson – CEO of H&M Group

Speaker Howard Marks – Co-Founder & Co-Chairman of Oaktree

Speaker Jenny-Ann Axson Johnson – Co-founder of Tilly

Speaker Jens Grede – Co-founder of Skims, FRAME, Brady & Safely.

Speaker Jens Schouenborg – Professor at Neuronano Research Center

Speaker Joanna Coles – Chairwoman and CEO of Northern Star Acquisition Companies II-IV

Speaker Juliet de Baubigny – General Partner at Bond

Speaker Lech Ignatowicz, PhD – CEO of Molecular Attraction

Speaker Lionel Barber – Author, Broadcaster & Editor of the Financial Times (2005 – 2020)

Speaker Lisen Schultz – Director of education at the Stockholm Resilience Centre

Speaker Lucy Edwards – Youtuber, Content Creator and Journalist

Speaker Magnus Lindkvist – Futurologist & Author

Speaker Mahiar Afrooz – Co-founder of Roya

Speaker Malala Yousafzai – Activist

Speaker Michael Frahm – Co-founder of Frahm & Frahm and Director of Blenheim Art Foundation

Speaker Naomi Campbell – Supermodel, Activist & Cultural Innovator

Speaker Nick Tidball – CEO and co-founder of Vollebak

Speaker Niclas Mårtensson – CEO of the Stena Line Group

Speaker Parisa Amiri – Journalist & Broadcaster

Speaker Peter Carlsson – Founder & CEO of Northvolt

Speaker Peter McIndoe – Founder of “Birds aren’t real” -movment

Speaker Pranav Yadav – Founder and CEO of Neuro-Insight US

Speaker Rashida Jones – President of MSNBC

Speaker Roham Gharegozlou – Chief Executive Officer, Dapper Labs

Speaker Sara Baumann – Visual Artist & Founder of Woman and Weapons

Speaker Simon Shaw – Vice Chairman, Fine Arts – Sotheby´s

Speaker Simon Sinek – Optimist & Best Selling Author

Speaker Suzan Hourieh Lindberg – Co-founder & CEO at The Social Few

Artists 2022

Artist Anna of the North – Artist

Artist Bavé – Artist

Artist Ella Tiritiello – Artist

Artist GERD – Artist

Artist Haley Bridge – Independent artist & creator

Artist VCATION – Artist

Artist Zikai – Singer and songwriter