In 2018, we orchestrated a siren call to action for the highest kind of innovator, Fenomen, who doesn’t succumb to fear and resentment, but demonstrates resilience in the face of intolerance, inequality and the challenge posed by those technology has left behind.

Defintion: Swedish for “Phenomenon”, A “Fenomen” is a leader against all odds, a creative solution or person that exists even though it goes against all common logic that it does.

Today’s tempestuous times call for more than entrepreneurs, more than disruptors or creators, they call for Fenomen, the highest level of innovators. Our Fenomen speakers in 2018 included newly-minted Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon, Vice founder Shane Smith, Tom Freston, Duran Duran’s John Taylor, Barbara Bush, Jesse Williams, and Ilwad Elman.


Speaker Addie McDonough Hedda Hövel – Students

Speaker Anna Malmhake – Chairman and CEO of The Absolut Company

Speaker Anna Nordell – Co-founder and CMO of Sana Labs

Speaker Anna Rosling Rönnlund – Co-founder of Gapminder

Speaker Anna-Karin Edstedt-Bonamy – Head of Medical and Associate Professor Karolinska Institutet

Speaker Barbara Bush – Co-founder and Board Chair of Global Health Corps

Speaker Caroline Berg – Chair of the family company Axel Johnson

Speaker Cindi Leive – Journalist and former editor-in-chief of both Glamour and Self

Speaker Daniel Lundh – Founder and CEO of Aidbox

Speaker Danny Shea – Head of Global Expansion at Thrive Global

Speaker Daphne Oz – TV-host, Author and Chef

Speaker Darnell Strom – Agent at Creative Artist Agency

Speaker David Solomon – CEO of The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc

Speaker Denis McDonough – White House Chief of Staff for President Obama 2013-2017

Speaker Donald Katz – Founder and CEO of Audible

Speaker Dr. Mehmet Oz – Host of The Dr. Oz Show

Speaker Dr. Axel Bouchon – Biochemist, neuroscientist and serial entrepreneur

Speaker Dr. Habib Sadeghi – Co-founder of Be Hive of Healing

Speaker Ebbe Altberg – CEO of Linden Lab

Speaker Elsa Bernadotte – Co-founder and COO of Karma

Speaker Garrett Camp – Founder and CEO of Expa and Co-founder of UBER

Speaker Ilwad Elman – Director for the Elman Peace Centre

Speaker Jacob Wallenberg – Non-Executive Chairman of the Board of Investor AB

Speaker Janice Min – Media consultant at NBC Universal Cable Entertainment and Valence Media

Speaker Jennifer Hyman – Co-founder and CEO of Rent the Runway

Speaker Jeremy Jauncey – Founder and CEO of Beautiful Destinations

Speaker Jesse Williams – Actor and Activist

Speaker Joanna Coles – Chief Content Officer at Hearst Magazines

Speaker Johan Ernst Nilson – Co-founder of Aidbox

Speaker John Sykes – President of iHeartMedia Entertainment Enterprises

Speaker John Taylor – Founding member of Duran Duran

Speaker Juliet de Baubigny – Senior Partner at KPCB

Speaker Khaled Helioui – Angel Investor

Speaker Kristoffer Cassel – Co-founder and CEO of Regily

Speaker Linnéa Claeson – Human Rights Activist

Speaker Lucas Carlsén – Co-founder and CEO of Hedvig

Speaker Magnus Liungman – Co-founder and CEO of Doctrin

Speaker Mark Boutros – Global Strategist at Omnicom Group

Speaker Michele Markus – Head of Global Health at Omnicom Group

Speaker Natalia Brzezinski – CEO of Brilliant Minds Foundation

Speaker Oskar Burman – Co-founder and CEO of Fast Travel Games

Speaker Peter Wallenberg Jr – Chairman of The Wallenberg Foundations

Speaker Ran Ortner – Painter and multimedia artist

Speaker Rashida Jones – Actor, director, screenwriter and producer

Speaker Regina Dugan – Business executive, engineer-artist, scientific coach and product developer

Speaker Sara Wimmercranz Susanne Najafi – Co-founders of Backing Minds

Speaker Shane Smith – Founder and CEO of VICE

Speaker Sonali De Rycker – Venture Capitalist at Accel

Speaker Steve Stoute – Founder and CEO, UnitedMasters + Translation

Speaker Tom Freston – Principal of Firefly3

Speaker Troy Carter – Founder and CEO of Atom Factory

Speaker Usher – Artist

Speaker Winston Cheng – President of International at JD.com

Speaker Yolanda Hadid – Author, tv-star and former fashion model


Artist Zara Larsson –

Artist Alex Aris –

Artist Clara Mae –

Artist Jireel –

Artist Khuli Chana –

Artist Kiaan –

Artist NONONO –

Artist SHY Martin –