Susanne Gløersen

Susanne Gløersen is a trailblazer in the world of fungal innovation. She discovered this fantastic, yet untapped potential of fungi to regenerate our planet, and went out with that as her mission. She is the founder of The Future is Fungi Award, a global award that honors and catalyzes groundbreaking science and start-up innovation leveraging the power of fungi to solve some of humanity`s largest environmental challenges. The award unifies scientific institutions, corporations, investors, and startups worldwide to drive the acceleration of fungal innovation.

She is also the founder of the emerging The Fungi uVC, the world`s first VC to back fungi-focused startups niworldwide.

Before venturing into the fungal world she has been a progressive voice advocating for sustainability in the financial sector for more than a decade, through leading positions including Sustainability Lead for SEB Green Tech VC, Deputy Head for Sustainable Banking and Head of Climate and Sustainable Finance in SEB Norway, sustainability strategist with the Nordics largest wealth advisor Formue and positions in both Nordea and Carnegie. Susanne has also been active in the VC ecosystem for several years, including holding board positions and mentoring in start-up accelerators.

Passionate, curious and a natural explorer, she is now on a quest for humanity to discover and co-create with the kingdom of fungi for a more prosperous future.