Emma Egnell

Emma Egnell is a figure in the Swedish business community, with a dedicated focus on enhancing engagement and promoting development. As the CEO of HejEngagemang!, she has exhibited steadfast leadership over the course of more than ten years, aiming to cultivate a more dynamic and well-being-centered Sweden. Her vision encompasses a future where the workforce is passionately committed and driven by a profound desire to effect substantial change.

In her capacity as an author, Egnell has gained recognition for her insightful analyses of work psychology and organizational commitment. As Head of Content at the Brilliant Minds Foundation, she has generated meaningful content aimed at educating and inspiring positive behavioral change.

Egnell’s commitment to society is further manifested through her role on the Advisory Board for The Social Few, where she contributes to fostering a more inclusive community and business environment, with a special focus on minority groups and sustainably-led companies.

Additionally, she contributes her expertise as a board member at Calle Flygare Teaterskola, linking her interest in performing arts with her professional acumen, and through her role as a co-founder of HejDigitalt, a key platform for dialogue and innovation in Sweden’s digital future.

Her career is a clear testament to her dedication to innovation, inclusion, and communication, the driving forces behind her work to instigate change and create a brighter future for both individuals and society at large.