Jackie Mere

Jackie Mere (Jaquelin Brant) is the voice of a new generation. At seven years old she moved with her family from Stockholm to Biskopsgården in Gothenburg, where she started her life’s biggest passion: music. At 10 years old Jackie was singing on the streets of Gothenburg and figured that she belonged on stage. “I realized early that music was one of the strongest/ safest parts in my life and that it would help me through the roughest times which music really has done” Jackie says.

On February 10th, Jackie released the song “It Ain’t Me”, which later follows with an album later this year. According to Jackie herself her musical alter ego is an organized kaos, “you’re going to understand”. Behind the music we can find the producer Andreas Söderlund who has worked with artists as Janice, Annika Norlin, Elias etc

“It Ain’t Me” is basically about being afraid to give your feelings to someone and with various defense techniques withdraw from a person. That you are afraid that you are not capable to give the person what they need. Because you are not there mentally. Therefore you are “happy” with short relationships because that’s what you’re used to and is comfortable with.” Jackie says.

Music has always been an obvious choice for Jackie, she remembers how she started watching Youtube- videos as a young girl and decided music was the only alternative in life. With inspiration from a blessed mixture of artists as Amy Winehouse, Katy Perry, Prince and Whitney Houston.

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