Boko Yout

multi-artist who, in merely one year, has managed to place himself in the top tier of bubbling Swedish musical promises with international potential. With a musical style that he calls Afro Grunge, and a creative palette that includes music, fashion, design, and performance art, he seeks to break conventions and perceptions of how to be a young black man. Boko Yout wants to explore new paths – for his own sake as well as for others.

Boko Yout, who previously rapped under the stage name Khan-Ji, is 25 years old and part of a generation that grew up alongside internet culture, social media, and hip-hop. Therefore, it has always been natural for him to approach art from different angles. He started his artistic journey in 2016, but it was when he moved from Örebro to Stockholm in 2017 that his career started to take off. Since then, Paul has moved from hip-hop to rock music, amassing a wide collection of creative tools with which to express himself. When talking about Boko Yout, you should therefore not limit yourself to the epithet vocalist and songwriter. His artistic scope is significantly bigger than that.

In the spring of 2023, Boko Yout’s debut EP AS SEEN ON TV will be released – a project where 8 songs represent the channels of a fictional TV network called Boko Communications. The TV network, Paul says, serves as a metaphor for all the experiences he’s been through in his life – but adapted to fit as entertainment. The project is based on sociologist Stuart Hall’s ideas about representation in the media and how producers in drama, reality TV, and news are drawn to stereotypical narratives. Something that Paul himself very much relates to.

AS SEEN ON TV was released May 26th.

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