Khuli Chana

The name Khuli Chana (The MotswakOriginator) is synonymous with the word Motswako. Motswako encompasses elements from various musical backgrounds. It involves street-talk and highly influential messages in Setswana, English and other South African languages. Khuli Chana brings a different flavour and sound, not only to this genre of music but also to the Hip-Hop scene. Khuli Chana catalogue has made him a multi award winning South African Rapper, including his most recent international awards; 3 Lion Cannes Awards, 11 Bookmark Awards and 7 Lourie Awards for the One Source song and campaign in partnership with Absolut Vodka

Khuli’s brand has evolved into all creative spheres and businesses- includes two event properties; Maftown Heights, South Africa’s biggest annual Hip-hop festival that has been running for 8yrs and attracts a crowd of +20k and the One Source Live festival, an African Creativity Festival in partnership with Absolut, Picking up the Pieces; a documentary based on Khuli’s “mistaken identity” shooting by the South African Police.

His portfolio of investments include holdings in a major South African group that boasts over 188 subsidiaries- ranging from entertainment & media to property developments.

Khuli is currently exploring business opportunities under his personal investment company, Khuli Chana Holdings, tallying up to an amazing $500M