This year, for the very first time, Brilliant Minds is happy to offer 200 young guests from local communities across Stockholm the chance to experience a taste of Brilliant Minds.

Hosted by tech leader Binette Seck and entrepreneur Beata Wickbom, speaker sessions at A Taste of Brilliant Minds will offer 200 students and young adults from local communities across Stockholm the chance to experience some of the principles and thinking of the larger Brilliant Minds event. The series of panels and interviews to be held on stage will share powerful stories of bravery and accomplishment, offer challenging conversations on current trends, as well as encourage inspiring and bold plans for the future – echoing Brilliant Minds’ theme of ‘Change; one day or day one, you decide’. 

While the main Brilliant Minds gathering remains a closed event – with speakers including human rights champion Malala Yousafzai, 15-time GRAMMY Award-winning singer and entrepreneur Alicia Keys, and Co-Founder of Northvolt Peter Carlsson in attendance – a Taste of Brilliant Minds will be an on-record and open program, targeted at local communities, with ambitions to grow and sit in parallel to the main event. 

We are excited to be able to offer young people the chance to be a part of Brilliant Minds – to hear from inspiring change makers, to better understand and connect through Swedish values, and to collaborate and share their own perspectives. We hope to encourage the audience to stand up and join the conversation, and play their part in a future of change.

Speakers and Artists

Speaker Anna Lundström – Vice President, Human Resources at Spotify

Speaker Anton Lindvall – Artist & Program director of Brainpool

Speaker Beata Wickbom – Founder of Socialight

Speaker Benjamina Bollag – Founder & CEO of High Steaks

Host Binette Seck – Democratizing Tech Co-Founder ChangersTech

Speaker Elin Lidén – Director of EMEA Product Management at SKF

Speaker Emma Stenström – Associate Professor and Director of the Research Center for Arts, Business & Culture at Stockholm School of Economics

Speaker Gustaf Toresson Lundberg – Founder of Tangent Media

Speaker Hannah Arvidsson – Analyst at Stena Circular Consulting

Speaker Hans Vestberg – Chairman & CEO at Verizon

Speaker Helena Helmersson – CEO of H&M Group

Speaker Jelassi – Artist

Artist LUCIIA – Artist

Speaker Lucy Edwards – Youtuber, Content Creator and Journalist

Speaker Oscar Stege Unger – Founder & CEO of Canucci

Speaker Patrick McGinnis – I invented FOMO

Speaker Rickard Gustafson – President & CEO of SKF Group

Speaker Sorosh Tavakoli – Founder & CEO of Stockeld Dreamery