Li Karlsén

Li Karlsén is a former Army Captain that turned civil rights defender and now athlete and entrepreneur.

Born in Sweden and now living in Mauritius where she dives with whales and dolphins on a daily basis, a journey that sounds like paradise but took her through hell to get to. After being grounded from becoming a pilot by a car accident that almost killed her and took her best friend, she joined the Swedish Armed Forces and participated in several international missions as a soldier and officer. Realizing that most of her battles were internal and not only external in different warzones – she started a search for peace within via Freediving.

Li is today one of the world’s best freedivers and instructors, reaching depths below 70 meters, distances longer than 200 m, a breath hold of more than 6 minutes and just recently did the longest dive ever done under the ice bergs and pack ice in Greenland. 

Her next mission is not about depth, distance or dopamine – but about sharing. Sharing knowledge, adventures and experiences that will help others reaching their full potential – no matter if you are an athlete, author or artist. Li wants to help and coach others into going beyond your deepest of fears to reach your highest level of freedom, no matter if you’re starting running or from a wheelchair.