Alex Cooper

Alex Cooper is the creator, host and executive producer of the hugely successful podcast and brand Call Her Daddy, which amasses millions of listeners per episode and is the number one podcast for women on Spotify globally. In 2018, Alex began to blaze a path through the podcasting medium that had never existed before: a space where women were encouraged, empowered, and emboldened to share their unapologetic stories and truths. Now the most listened-to female podcaster in the world, Alex continues to break all boundaries by shattering stigmas and stomping on misogyny, all while keeping mental health and personal empowerment at the forefront. Her thought-provoking conversations are meticulously designed to explore wide ranging topics such as life experiences, culture, health, relationships, and more, all through her lens of comedy and extreme candor. To the millions of devoted gen-z and millennial listeners (“The Daddy Gang”) the Call Her Daddy brand represents a new set of values and standards, with many quotes and phrases permeating pop-culture vernacular. In addition, the Boston-bred entrepreneur has a successful merchandise line, as well as several exciting business endeavors in the pipeline.