Ash Pournouri

A visionary entrepreneur and philanthropist, two-time grammy nominated Ash Pournouri (LL.M. Stockholm’s University) began his career by reimagining the role of record labels, publishing, tour booking and management. What began with the lone mission of creating, managing and building the brand of global superstar and partner Avicii (among other major global clients) led to Ash becoming a pioneer in breaking EDM as a mass movement, and a leader in the boundary-free global music business of the 21st century. Through the companies under the UNLTD portfolio, Ash has creatively crafted artist-first partnerships with clients such as Ralph Lauren, Coca-Cola, IKEA and H&M, and co-founded a social media management company building and representing some of the world’s biggest media profiles. Since he started his career in 2001, he has donated the majority of his personal income to various charities fighting world hunger and other impact-driven initiatives. In addition to those, in June 2014, Ash expanded into the conference world with Spotify founder Daniel Ek, creating the creative thought-leadership (non-profit) summit Brilliant Minds, as a platform to showcase Sweden, Swedish people and Swedish values to the world.

Ash was co-producer and co-writer to most Avicii songs (executive produced all of them) between 2008-2016 and has also written songs for and with Coldplay, Madonna, Axwell /\ Ingrosso, Wyclef Jean, David Guetta, Daft Punk, Tiesto and Faithless. Ash left the music industry in 2016 and has since amassed a portfolio of over 30 companies across different sectors as well as started the following businesses.