Lucy Lyons

Lucy Lyons, commercial Co-founder of Kestrix, is an entrepreneurial leader with international experience founding and scaling sustainability-focused ventures and conducting policy research. After a first experience as a founder as the CEO of reLive, an angel-backed sustainable end-of-life platform, she was the first hire under the CCO at Berlin-based Plan A, Europe’s first B2B carbon accounting SaaS company, where she defined a commercial strategy for SMEs to supercharge deal volume. She has also conducted sustainability and innovation policy research with organisations like the Swedish Energy Agency and the office of US Senator Edward J. Markey. She holds an MSc in Sustainability, Enterprise, and the Environment from the University of Oxford and B.A. in Global Studies with a concentration in Urban Development from New York University.

She is a Sigma Squared Fellow, joining a community of the world’s most ambitious founders under 26.