Suzan Hourieh Lindberg

Suzan is the co-founder and CEO at The Social Few, Scandinavia’s leading data and insight based diversity growth agency. She is also co-founder of the diversity tech company Perspetivo – the most representative and inclusive research panel platform in the Nordics with focus in predictive analysis. A platform that enables a society where all people are welcome and all voices are being heard.

Suzan is born in Macedonia with parents from Syria and Former  Yugoslavia, living in Stockholm. She is also heptalingual with numbers  being her preferable alphabet.

With a background in statistics, business development and tech, Suzan  is determined to spread data-informed knowledge in order to create  awareness and solutions to market and societal imperfections based  on lack of diversity in perspectives. With that, she has developed  methods such as inclusive infrastructure and perspective density  measurement.

She aims to keep creating solutions that enables sustainable and  inclusive societies, by all and for all.