Emilia de Poret

Emilia de Poret isone of the leading figures of the Swedish fashion industry, where she is active as a journalist, TV personality, brand consultant and angel investor.

Emilia has a background in the music industry, with a 15-year career as a singer and songwriter, with top chart hits in Sweden and internationally.

She is the fashion expert for Swedish TV4, where she regularly comments on trends, fashion shows and industry news, as well as interviews designers. Emilia also is regular contributor to the Swedish edition of ELLE magazine.

Emilia is the co-founder of Säker Stil, Scandinavia’s largest fashion media platform, including a podcast with some 250,000 monthly listeners and 2 best-selling style guides.

In addition, Emilia is an active angel investor, with over 10 companies in her portfolio, where she actively contributes to brand-building and digital marketing strategy.